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Welcome to Ace Integrative Health!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are excited to be in the forefront of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement. We believe our patients deserve Health Care that is attentive, personalized, compassionate, and looks to nature as a source of health and wellness. Our goal is to aid patients in achieving a medicine-free life and reversing chronic diseases. Ace Integrative Health fosters the relationship between your health and nature. Direct Primary Care is simple and convenient.






Ace Integrative Health Membership Advantages


  • Unlimited physician access

  • Unlimited Extended office visits with your physician

  • Same day or next day appointments

  • Telemedicine visits at no extra cost

  • Seamless communication between you and your physician

  • Discounted generic medications and supplements

  • Discounted imaging services

  • Discounted labs

  • Discounted Speciality Labs

  • Discounted Cardiology services

  • Therapy based on Genetic testing

  • Treatment based on your lifestyle, metabolic code, and body constitution/type

  • Yoga teachings by Dr. Choksy (RYT® 500, QCI Level 2 Yoga Teacher) 

  • One yearly wellness/physical examination

  • Weight loss visits

  • Many Anti-Aging Medicine therapies Included in your membership.  

  • Many Metabolic, Nutritional and Functional medicine therapies included in your membership


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