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Aurora Sky

Aurora Sky
Reiki Master
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    My passion for QHHT began when I came across an Alba Weinman QHHT video on youtube. I was amazed at the healing that took place in one session. So much healing, in fact, that another session was not needed. Transformation can occur.

    In researching all the different modalities of holistic health, Reiki resonated with me the most. As a reiki master, I believe this is my true calling and I am humbled to be able to help others through this modality. I have rescently added another modality called Liift. Life improving internal focus technique which involves kineseology (muscle testing) to get to the root of traumas, trapped emotions & more. The best part about this technique is you don’t have to remember the trauma in order to heal from it. Clients feel a relief after just one session. It can truly shift your energy back into harmony. It has truly changed my life, as Ive had multiple sessions with my liift teacher. I am excited to share this tried and true method!


    “Healing At The Soul Level”

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