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Liz Cox AT, ATC

Liz Cox AT, ATC
Myofascial and Muscle Release Therapist
  • Speciality Myofascial and Muscle Release Therapy
  • Degrees AT, ATC
  • Training

    Specializes in Myofascial and Muscle Release Therapy through Cupping, IASTM (Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) and manual massage with trigger point release therapy.


    Liz is 29 years old, she loves Jesus and believes she has been given the spiritual gift of healing! She thoroughly enjoys helping people find physical and spiritual freedom. She believes the body, mind and spirit are working in sync together and to find the root of the problem not just treat the symptoms. With her treatments she wants her clients to feel immediate relief but also be educated and have an understanding of how to continue to stay pain free with physical daily habits and continual body management.


    Liz has always known she had a special gift understanding the human body and mind. When she was 16 years old she knew right then that she wanted to become a certified athletic trainer, while being mentored by her high school ATC. In 2015 she graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training from Northern Kentucky University. Liz then became a licensed and certified athletic trainer and got hired on at Mount Saint Joseph University, working with primarily Men’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse and Women’s Track and Field. While also being an ATC working with college athletes she also had the opportunity to work alongside a physical therapists’ at Howell Rehab Center who specialized in aquatic therapy, dry needling therapy and working with many patients’ who were deemed “difficult” cases. During this time this is where she was able to gain most of her knowledge of manual muscle release therapies and continue to excel in the different treatments.


    Through different positions as an athletic trainer over the last 6 years, she has had the opportunity to work with high school, college and professional athletes of all kinds! She has also taken the time to be mentored by many other practitioners in the physical therapy, chiropractic and orthopedic worlds. She has been able to take all of her training and pair it up with her personal beliefs of holistic and homeopathic health to create a treatment that can bring many the physical freedom they are seeking.


    In her free time Liz LOVES the gym, lifting heavy, building new relationships and worshipping the Lord! She also loves to spend time with friends, family, and mentors who continually build her up and challenge her to be better. She believes personal and spiritual growth with action is one of the KEYS to living a healthy life full of joy. She thoroughly enjoys helping and mentoring people to find their God given purpose. Her goal is to open up her own training facility where athletes can come to train their spirits, bodies and mind ALL IN ONE. She knows that there is physical FREEDOM for everyone and her purpose in life is to continue to be a vessel for God’s Kingdom.



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