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Riddhi Choksy RYT, BS

Riddhi Choksy RYT, BS
Yoga Instructor
  • Speciality Personalized, Disease Specific Yoga
  • Degrees Certified AYUSH Level-2 Yoga Teacher RYT 500, B.S. Biomedical Engineer
  • Training

    Riddhi is a certified level 2 yoga teacher who completed an advanced 3-month Teacher’s Training Course at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India which is fully accredited with the Yoga Alliance USA. The Yoga institute is the oldest yoga center in the world and is recognized by the Government of India.

    She teaches regular yoga classes to people of all ages as well as offers personalized yoga courses at Ace Integrative Health with the guidance of Dr. Choksy.

    In 2018, Riddhi graduated from Wright State University as a biomedical engineering and later expanded her horizons into the realm of holistic health in hopes of finding innovative, personalized, natural solutions to everyday health problems. Her gravitation towards understand holistic solutions for the problems human bodies face led her to pursue yoga as a way of life. Through yoga, she hopes to make a large-scale impact by aiding in the overall betterment of the quality of life for the masses.

    In her spare time, she loves dancing, baking, reading, travelling, enjoying nature and binging T.V. shows.



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